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Rescue Stories


Since every cat is doing this, here my rescue story. It was a dark day in the fall of 1983, I was at the humane society minding my own business. A odd couple came in, a regular pair of looney tunes. I thought they might need some good luck, see they were newlyweds. So that's it, I went home with them, same as my brother Baby & sister Blue angel. They are over the rainbow bridge last year a few years earlier. Sabrina's story is coming next.


I was an outdoor only cat who "live" next door. They were mean to me, no vet care, I was very sick. Well in 96 I saw these two humans fussing with plants in back yard. I went to help, now don't get upset, it was KITKAT's brother grave they were fussing over, planting flowers. So I help with the mulch rearranging it to look nice. They started feeding me, I began knocking on their back door, honest I was. They saw I was sick, so I got my paw in the door, the rest was history. And I never got thrown like a football ever again.



I was wandering around a church one night meowing, when this wonderful human picked me up and took me home with her. She then brought me to work with her at the vet the next day. She is a vet technician. She cleaned me up and got rid of the worms and other things. Then she brought me home again and I got to stay with a german shepherd who was lots of fun. She had told this human about me, and then one day, I went home with this strange human's husband. He worked evenings and this human worked days. So he went off to work without introducing me to the other human. When she came home, I was hiding. But she knew exactly what cats like and we had lots of fun. The husband even built me a perch to climb. I was afraid of all strangers.

Whenever my new human went away on trips I went to the other human's house with the dog. If I was hungry, I would mew and then the dog would make the human feed me. The dog even took my toys out of the water dish for me. I had learned from him to wash the toys before playing with them.


I was abandoned on a dirt road by a farm. The man and woman there noticed me and started to feed me. I was hunting on my own, but it sure was nice getting a real meal. The people even noticed when I caught a snake. Eventually they convinced me that it was better inside the house than out. So I lived there for four years. Then both my mommy and daddy went away. (Both of them were heavy smokers.)

My new human's husband is the man's son. They used to come and visit every so often. Angel and Gabriel came a couple of times too. After I moved in with my new humans, I would have to make sure my new human wasn't going to die on me too, since she had a bad cough. But she didn't have the same problem my first humans did, and she's still here taking good care of me!


I was born in a wonderful caring household. A friend of theirs was wanting a Siamese mix cat, so she was coming over regularly to look over me and the rest of my littermates. There were two of us meezers. She also knew my human was wanting to be adopted again. When we were old enough to leave our mommies, this lady took my brother and I home with her. She brought me to church the next day so that my human could see me. It was love at first sight for her. Me, I just love attention. I was getting lots of it from the girls at church. They even helped me decide on a name. Since I was moving in with Angel, I needed a name to match.


It was October 31 and I was outside minding my own business when I heard my neighbors come by. I figured I would go up and introduce myself as the new kitty around here. All of a sudden this female human picks me up yelling "it's a kitten!!". So they take me into their house which was empty. It thought this was quite strange but I enjoyed myself scratching the walls nonetheless. Then all of a sudden I'm being taken in a car and being driven somewhere else. I had no idea what was happening. Then they brought me into another house(this one had furniture) and they told me that this was my new home. Yes this is a true story of humans that hated their neighbors and they knew they could give me a better, safer indoor life. So far they are good to their words.


This is how I came to be an important house kitty on the farm!

My mommy cat had to have a C-section at the vet cause she could not have me. There were 4 of us. I was a fighter cause Mom lost all but me! She stayed up hours and hours with me, helping me to survive. She fed me and cuddled me.. She spent all her free time with me.. I grew up to become a pretty orange kitty! I'm spoiled rotten and I demand all the attention.. I am so loved and so thankful to be living here! That's my story and I'm sticking to it...Hehehe. Love you, Tony


You won't believe this, but I was rescued from a pet store! Yes, it's true. Mommy and Sissy were walking through a group of stores and came upon a pet store. Mommy is unable to pass a pet store without going in, so she and Sissy did. In the store, behind a glass enclosure were three Siamese kittens. Mommy said, "I just love Siamese kittens." Sissy said, "you fool, you love all kittens, tell the truth." The man in the store told Mommy she could hold the kittens and that they were there on consignment. That means he took them in, raised the price lots, and was planning to re-sell them. Mommy held me and my two sisters and noticed immediately that we were covered in fleas and had ear mites something awful. When she told the man who owned the store he said, "I'll get it taken care of." Mommy didn't believe him so she went back a few days later, the two female kittens had been sold but I was left and now put into a four by four foot cage with a tiny little litter box and no food or water. Boy I was yowling my head off. Mommy opened the cage and I stopped yowling. She checked my ears and they were so black and tarry with ear mites that you couldn't see into them. Once again Mommy talked to the store owner and this time mentioned she might have to contact the 'authorities' because this was animal cruelty and he was only in this game for the money and not a love of animals. His reply was, "well why don't you just buy the kitten if you're so concerned?" Since he wanted more money than Mommy had at the time she asked for a lower price. He said no. She came home in tears and told Daddy the story. He called the 'jerk' that owned the store and threatened to bring every animal service he could think of to the store to see how he was treating not only this kitten but the birds, reptiles, fish and others. The owner lowered the price and Mommy came to get me. She took me straight to the vet who said I could have lost my hearing if this mistreatment had gone on much longer. At first I had to get adjusted to Sissy's nasty, cranky kitty, Socky, but we worked things out and I've been Mommy's spoiled baby now for fourteen years. The pet store man was eventually put out of business by 'word of mouth' among the animal underground.


HI! my name is Penelope Jane Longfellow...might fancy name for a formerly homeless feral!

My mommy was a street cat and she went to get us food one day when I was about two weeks old and never came back. I was so little that I can't even remember her--I didn't even know how to purr or knead or anything but cry! I was so scared and hungry, that I don't know how I survived at all. One night I fell asleep and then I woke up in a cage in a big building with lots of other cats. Most of us were sick and all of us had fleas and ticks and other nasty things, but there were people there who tried to help and they gave us medicine and food and even let us out into a room together sometimes. But I kept getting sicker and lonelier as one by one all of my new friends were adopted into human families. Soon I was alone in my cage for a while then a whole family of black and white kittens got put in there with me. Most of them were sick, too. I crawled all the way to the back of the cage, where nobody could see me...I was so frightened.

One day two humans came in and they looked in our cage, but I his under the pile of kittens so they wouldn't see me. I was especially afraid that day because the lady who fed us seemed so sad and quiet that I knew something was wrong.
The humans picked the smallest of the kitten family because he purred so loudly when he saw them...then they close the cage door and went away....whew, I was safe!
Later, I found out that they had picked a beautiful all black girlcat to take home too---but the lady at the shelter said no. Then they picked a calico, then an orange, then another black and white and each time the lady said no. So they asked, "Well which girl cat can we have? Cause we really want a girl and a boy!" And the lady led them back to my cage and pulled me out.

They were a little scared because I looked so sickly. They even said that if the vet found really bad stuff, they would have to bring me back. But they took me.......I was so scared that I cried and cried all the way to the new home.
Then I ran away and hid in the rafters of the basement for a week. I only came out at night to get some food.

For the next 3 months, it was back and forth to the vet almost every week, but my new mommy wouldn't give up on me! And she made me sit in her lap for just a few minutes every day to get used to her!
Meanwhile I was falling in love with my housemate Purrcy. He was as kind and sweet and loving as ever a cat could be, and even though he was sick too, he looked after me and taught me not to be afraid!

Later, we found out that the reason I was the only cat the lady at the shelter would give to my new parents was because it was my very last chance, my last day to live if I couldn't find a home! so I guess she was my guardian angel after all!
Now I have a wonderful home and parents that love me and the best husband a girl could ever have and the very best friends in the universe at MeowMail!!! AND a new twin!!!

I feel like I am the richest and luckiest cat in the whole wide world! So I am Penny aka Mrs. Purr-cival Reginald Longfellow and if that sounds snobby, it's because I am so wealthy and lucky! Love to all my friends, Penny


HI! My name is Purr-cival Reginal Longfellow and I am the luckiest cat alive!
I was born in a nice, warm human household, the son of a fine ladycat who made a mistake. Because of her mistake my siblings and I were labelled "accidents"! Mom (my real mom that is) didn't think so, but nonetheless, the humans didn't want us because we couldn't be sold!!! They allowed us to stay with our mom for a while though and she taught us most of the important stuff while we were just babies.

The humans pretty much ignored us, but at least they weren't mean to us, and we were warm and dry and safe and had food to eat! When we were about 6 weeks old, they picked up the whole lot of us and took us to a big building where there were hundreds of other animals and a few humans! There they put us into a cage with one scrawny, bug-ridden, sickly little tabby who was afraid of her own shadow! I think I started to love her the very first day. She was so alone and so frightened and she needed love so badly.

It wasn't really a bad place, the humans gave us food and medicine and tried to keep us clean, but something was not right. Day after day, my friends would disappear, then my brothers and sisters started to disappear too!I was so confused and usually I was hungry because I was the smallest and couldn't compete very well for the food they gave us.

But the little tabby was there and we became friends and would curl up together and comfort each other. Life wasn't good, but at least we were safe and had each other.
Then one day, two humans came into the room. I could feel there was sadness all around, but I could also feel loneliness and the need to love coming from these people. The love was so strong that it made my sick little eyes a little brighter. I had to make them notice me, I just had to! Meowing had never produced anything good, so I decided to purr--as loudly as my little kitty body could! I tried and tried and soon I was purring so loudly that you could hear me way across the room! The human lady opened the cage and picked me up and said--you are definitely the one we need! I miss hearing that purr so badly and you may be little, but your purr is mighty. And she named me Purr-cy right then and there.

Well, I was about bursting with happiness when I saw them shut the cage door and my poor little tabby friend was still inside! My heart fell. How could one be so happy and so devastated all at once???? The lady walked from cage to cage with me in her arms. Each time she picked another girl cat, I started purring louder. She probably thought that I liked them, but I really was purraying just as hard as I could that somehow, some miracle would happen and we would take my tabby along instead.
Well, the angels were with me, cause the shelter lady kept saying no to every girl cat they picked, until finally my beautiful, wonderful tabby friend was the only girlcat left in the whole place!!! My heart was beating so fast, I thought I would faint when they finally opened my old cage and handed MY tabby to the lady!!!! My sweet, wonderful little friend was coming along home!!!! No cat ever has been or will be luckier than I was that day!!! I got a home where we are loved more than anything and I got to share it with my beautiful Penny! We were married about a year later right here at MeowMail Town where we spend our time with some of the finest felines that ever lived!! I never completely forgot the memories of the hungry days, as Penny has never completely conquered her fears, but we are together, for always, for better or worse and so far, it has been better every day! Now I even have a new twin! There just isn't anything else a guy could ever hope for! I am the happiest and luckiest cat ever.


I was a sad kitty sitting under a palm tree outside the wall of the condohouses where Mom and Dad live. This street ends in a park at the river, and has only the twenty condohouses and three other houses on it. Somebody dumped me there. I was very obviously not an outside kitty, my fur was clean, and my paws soft. And I was very scared.

I saw my Mommy as she walked home from her friend Eileen's house. I tried to tell her I was lost and scared, but she really didn't speak cat. She kept thinking about me though, and how I didn't seem to be sure about where I was. She told Daddy about me when he got home, and they decided to try and bring me in. But I was very scared--it was dark now--and wouldn't come to them. They left me some yummy food though.

As soon as it was light the next morning, Mommy came out to get me. She drove up in her car, opened the door, said here, kitty, kitty--hey, I said she wasn't real cat savvy!--and I jumped right in! They gave me some more yummy food, and when it was a decent hour, called a friend who was owned by a cat. I kept talking to them, but they did not seem to be real good at understanding kitty talk.
Anyway, they took me to the vet, like their friend said to, and she confirmed that I was an inside kitty. I had been tutored, and was probably about two or three years old. I was also very thin...the vet figured I had not eaten in many weeks, since I had actually lost muscle mass. They figured I had somehow managed to get water, though. Probably out of the, well, you know.
The nice vet lady had them put me on kitten food. She was not totally sure that I would make it, but seemed to think that Mom and Dad would be really good purrents and that I had the will to live. For the first three days, I slept by my new food bowl, only leaving to go to the litterbox.

Mommy and Daddy took me everywhere with them for the first week or so, in my carrier, because they were afraid to leave me alone. I basically did nothing but sleep and eat for almost a month. Then one day while Mom was sitting on the floor wrapping a present, I jumped out of the chair I had adopted as my favorite sleeping spot, ran three laps around the living room yelling "mewrowrowrow" and then went back to my chair. Mom thought maybe I had a fit or something. But I just was happy. I went back to the vet and had gained almost four pounds in a month---I had been only 8.5lbs at my first visit, very skinny for the Maine Coon I turned out to be. The vet said "MacAllister, what have you been eating????!!!", when I went back to be checked. I had gained almost four pounds in a month. So they figured I would be okay!

I feel like a very lucky kitty. This kind of thing happens often in FL. An older person who may not have any family goes to the Bridge, or a nursing home, and someone "takes care" of their beloved pet by dumping them! But I am very glad I got dumped where I did! Even though my purrents were not "cat people" the reached out to me, and boy, did I ever convert them!
Anyhow, that is my story!


Late in the afternoon of Christmas Eve of 1999, Mommy was driving home from some last minute stuff. It was going to be a real quiet Christmas. Daddy had been gone for transition training, gone five days home two, and would have three whole days at home for the holiday. So it was just him and Mom and Mac.

Anyway, Mom remembered she needed to get some more coffee cups for after church, but had forgotten to get them at the grocery store. She was passing a 7-11 that she had NEVER be in, even though she passed it all the time. so she stopped.
Right out front, there was this cute little tuxedo cat, meowing at everyone. Mom asked the lady if I was the "store cat." The lady said that I had been hanging around for about six weeks, and they fed me the deli scraps, and that sometimes someone would buy me cat food. She said the owner wasn't too crazy about me hanging around, but hadn't done anything yet. Mom bought me a can of food, and left to go and tell Dadee about me. She said she wanted me for Christmas, since she knew he hadn't really been able to shop or anything. He said okay, but was concerned about Mac not wanting a "friend."

She came back and got me, not knowing if they would keep me, or take me to the no-kill shelter, but figured either was better than me living outside a store on a busy road.

She sneaked me in while Daddee played with Mac on the balcony. They knew they had to put me in quarantine until I could be tested, which wouldn't be until the vet reopened on the 27th. So I got to live in the guestroom bath. They were not too sure of my "litter skills!" But I did good!

I checked out okay at the vet, but I had a few diseases and worms that needed to be cleared up, and I needed to get tutored. So Mad and I didn't meet for a few weeks. I got to live in the whole guest room after my surgery recovery. Buy I still couldn't be with Mac until my eye infection and worms--I had some tough ones!--were cleared up.

But being a pretty smart guy, he had figured out that I was behind the door! We started to 'meow' to each other, and then Mom would open the door a crack and let us play "pawsies" while she snoopervised. So when we finally got to be together, we were already buddies. And we are to this day!


*deep breath* Here goes&

My mother, Zonya, moved me and my siblings into Meowmie's backyard when we were about one and a half months old. There were my two sisters, Patches (a silver tortoiseshell tabby) and TinkerBell (black). My brother, Midnight, was black, also. Meowmie and Aunt Sunshine found us there. They helped Zonya move me and my siblings out of the backyard, since we could not live there. Meowmie heard nothing from us for about another month and a half.

Shortly after my sister TinkerBell found a forever home, Zonya abandoned us. Hungry and scared, and still little kittens, we sought a home. Everyone on our street turned us away, though. Finally, we came to Meowmie's house. She let us stay in the front yard, and Grandpa said it was O.K. to feed us. Grandma was gone at the time, luckily for us.

Aunt Sunshine and Meowmie took care of us, feeding us and working on taming us. We wouldn't let them touch us at first, but after much hard work and many kitty treats, we began to trust them. When Grandma came home, she said that Meowmie's family could keep me. When we were four months old, Midnight and Patches went off to their forever homes.

My Meowmie kept me. That was 2 years and three months ago.

Now I am still here, with Meowmie and Aunt Sunshine and Grandma and Grandpa.


Ok, furs, listen up...
My human did not like cats, she was allergic to them, and was a dog person 100%.

That was 4 short years ago!

Karma's vet called her and asked if she would like to go along on a volunteer mission to the Hoh Indian Reservation in Washington State to help neuter and spay and give checkups to dogs and cats. Dr. M. needed another driver, and our Mom said "but seeing needles makes me pass out"!!! Well, she decided to challenge her fears and went on this Memorial Weekend trip in '97 with Dr. M, her vet assistant, and a nursing student. There was a training session beforehand where my human gave shots to oranges (the fruit, not cats) and overcame her fear!!!!

They drove about 8 hours to this very small Reservation on the Olympic Peninsula right on the Ocean in WA. There was a big problem with one of the resident whole cats there, called "Scar", as he was Daddy-cat to just about every cat there! Scar needed the snip-snip badly, to control the population. Well, my human saw neuter operations, a cat get a wound stitched up, did exams on dogs, cleaned out more ear mites than she ever wants to see, and even gave shots to dogs, totally overcoming her phobia! But...she said she would not mess with the cats, they made her allergic, somebody else could deal with those creatures, etc.....hehehehehehe....
Well, some resident brought in a litter of kittens for a checkup--multicolored and there was an orange kitten....well....instant love.....riding back to town after this trip with a VET IN THE CAR AND GETTING STUCK IN TRAFFIC, and Dr. M. had our human convinced she had to get a kitten!!!!!

So, two days later, our human goes to the Humane Society, and spots this tiny little Orange boy in cage 42 (her age), and takes him out.....I bit and chewed on her for 45 minutes, and she didn't know anything about cats, and wondered if this was normal??? Well, I was just trying to tell her what a BAD ORANGE BOY IS LIKE! She put me back in my cage, and I howled and screamed and made such a ruckus! Since she's always been attracted to "bad boyz", feline and human, she signed the papers right then and there!!! My name was originally "Tiger", but she told one of her friends that I was a little snookums......TA DA!!!! Well, I came home with her, her allergies were no worse than before, and Karma Jean thought I was a moving toy and loved me instantly. I was only 7 weeks old, so tiny. Pretty soon I was ruling the roost around here, and the rest is HISTORY!!!!!

Ralphie and Drucilla

We came from fine, pampered homes where our breeder people carefully interviewed our human before allowing us to adopt her. We come from fine, impeccable British bloodlines, Dru's parents were imports from the finest catteries in the "Mother country"....


Frank and Pixel

This is how Pix and I came to live with our humans.

Mom has always loved cats but her parents never have. Growing up she had dogs and hamsters but always lamented that she never got a kitty of her own. Daddy decided that she should have her own Millennium Babies, so one week before Christmas '99 he began calling shelters in search of two female kitties, hopefully from the same litter. All the shelters he called in the Bay Area were totally out of kitties except one. He went to the shelter which was actually part of a network of foster homes. He walked into the kitty room there and saw this scruffy, malnourished looking thing with a bad eye and thought she was precious. Then I peeked my pink little nose from under a blanky and it was love at first sight. While dad was debating on bringing us home (he didn't think mom would like Pixel because of the eye thing) a horde of unruly children (6 of them between the ages of 2 and 8) came running in and accosted me and Pix. The foster lady pulled dad aside and begged him to take us because she couldn't stand the thought of what those kids would do to us. Dad said yes and brought us home on Christmas Eve Day. When mom saw Pix's winky little head she fell instantly in love (was dad wrong or what!). Pixel decided that she liked mom right away but I hid under the bed for seven hours. These days I tolerate mom and occasionally let her pet me, but I'm essentially daddy's girl and Pixel is mommy's sweet little baby. The best part is that we never have to live with any horrible kid things.

Stinky Pink Fink

I was born in a bathroom the size of a closet, The mean people never let us babies out of there for anything, and the poop box never had clean litter in it. My mommy thinks they only fed us very bad stuff that babies shouldn't eat because my tummy was bloated and I had, well, lets just call it the winds for a week. I was infested with round worms and another kind of worm that made my butt bleed and gave me the runs. Pretty gross, huh...

Then one day when I thought all hope was lost, a big tall hairy guy came in the bathroom and picked me up. He put me in his truck and brought me to my mommy!!   She gave me a bath, fed me and took me to the vet to get those nasty worms gone. I was her best Christmas present ever! At least that's what she always says. 


One night my little human Ryan, who was seven was laying in his bed cryingcryingcrying because he missed his dad who disappeared after a nasty divorce, and my human mom couldn't help his breaking heart. She opened up the door, and it was dark out and she didn't see me out there. I ran in and straight into Ryan's room. I had never been here before. I jumped up in Ryan's bed and he cried and cried and cried into my fur, and I wouldn't leave his side.

I would only go near him, I waited for him in his room when he left for school, and all the other humans made me very nervous except for Ryan. With him, I was a regular purrbox. I made him laugh and I made him feel very special because he was the only one I wanted to be near. I spent all my time at his feet or on his bed while he played his video games. I helped heal his heart somewhat.

Mom didn't want another cat, there were enough pets here already, but because she believed i was a special angel sent to help a broken hearted little boy, she didn't have the heart to get rid of me.

I have warmed up to all the humans here now, and love them all. But, Ryan is still my special human. There is a second part to this story, about a mean lady who tried to claim me as hers, but it is somewhat irrelevant...because she didn't get me.


My Meowmee had a kitty that she loved named Spike (yes this IS relevant) who was orange with bright orange eyes. He got really sick and crossed to the Bridge the day before Christmas 1999 at Nan's home town. Meowmee was reeeeaaaally sad to lose Spike and when she came home she went to the SPCA "just to have a look". Well there were only two cats there - a white cat who was sick and was going home with someone else and an older black and white feral kitty. Meowmee was ready to leave when the shelter lady *hssssssssss,hsssssssss* Said "ANd we have this kkkkkkkaaaaat (she was mad at me) who we just got yesterday but we are not adopting him out because he BIT me and I had to have a needle." She turned around the covered bed I was hiding in and Meowmee looked into the eyes of a cat that was the spitting image of Spike. I was almost 3 months old, which was about as long as Spike had been gone. I was skinny and shaking and scared to death and Meowmee was hooked. She asked if she could take me, and they said no. She called the next day and asked again -- they said no. She begged for a week before they said "Sure, come get him." Meowmee took me to a vet who told her I was hurt bad as a kitten and had severe "mental problems" but to take me home and see if I would adjust. The vet would not neuter me right away because she was afraid it would tramatize me too much, so I had to wait a month before I could go back. I am still a fraidy cat and WILL NOT GO OUTSIDE, and as I have aged, I am a little darker in color than Spike. I even curl my tail like him when I walk and my eyes stayed orange.....ohhhhh, and we play games with my name all the time.


I am about 8 years old. My one human's fiancé works for the City and the guys heard a LOUD meowing coming from the sewer. They went down there and found me .. when I was a tiny baby.. cemented in the sewer and I could not get out. They chipped and dug and finally got me out and I was filthy. the fiancé man took me right to my mommy's home and they washed me and fed me and I was SO hungry and muddy and full of ickies! they pretended to try to find a home for me but never really did anything but talk about it. Teehee. I am still scared of everything and hide like I'm abused but I am NOT! they never raise their voices at me even! It's probably because my family was feral or I was badly abused when I was little. When it's quiet though and just my humans are here I love to play fetch and give head bumps all night. I love it here! I love my new twin sister! I feel SO welcome here you are such a great group of kitties!


He's about 11 years old and he was left at the vet office in a bucket when he was only about 4 weeks old. If the vet assistant had not come in on the closed day to check on a sick pet he would have died out in the cold. He's huge now but still thinks he can ride on mommy's shoulder. Teehee. Rudy was hit by a car when he was young and has a scar on his side because of it. It's not too noticeable. He got up and ran after 2 tires went over his body!!! He went RIGHT to the vets (or TEDS) and basically healed on his own. He's my super kitty brother.

Unka Geemo

Myn mama kitty had us in a Garage of the house where we lived. That's where we stayed, and the human ladie there was running over us kitties. So the last human to leave the nest, along with a friend of his, brought myn brother an meese home. That boy wanted hyms kitty to be the most aggressive of the two, but mom picked meese for myn markings. It turned out I was afraid of myn own shadow. It hasn't been to long ago that I finally started jumping up to mom for attention and staying long enuf for the purring.

El Puma

It not muy sad o heroic dis tale, it just da trufe. Sorta más o menos wiff just a poquito bit of artistico licensia added aquí y allá...
Part I
I was borned to a sata gata dat lived down da hill from donde we lives now... mamí seed me y mi hermanos playin en da carport y da humanos dat lived dere said " Sra Lagringaloca GUSTA?! POR FAVOR TAKE ONE! TAKE 2! or even tres... " but AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkk! she ONLY taked me! I not muy feliz bout dis! She taked me to da casa to live wiff Ole Huffyfluff y Caesar(who turned out to be AOK!) but dey talked dat funny brasileiro gato talk- I SCREEEEEEEEEEEECHED y SQUAAAAAAAAAALLLED dat primero noche til dawn. I wanted back down dat hill. But mi mamí stubborn as a MULO! I maded mi way into da pawsmackin order by climbing onto da media of a plato o comido wiff mi orejas back, COLA POOOOFED, y crossyojos slitty y flashin & I SCREEEEEEECHERED so HIGH Y WILD it hurted dem brasileiro gatos orejas! So dey backed off y let me EAT primero! hehehe!

Part 2
Caesar leaved to go be wiff Tia Molly y Prima Ceiba. I was MISERABLE! I SCREAMED! I PEED ON DA CAMA DE MAMÍ AT 4AM! I didded my bestest to make mamí miserable tambien. So she started lettin in dis lil FERAL spazzmo gatita to play! We beened eyeballin each otro fru da puerta para weeks! She liked to RASSLEFRASSLE Russletussle muy bueno. But den she go ABSOLUTEMENTE APE-BANANANANNANANAAAAS cuando she want out! She NOT only screeched all fru da noche she CLIMBED da screens! She CRASHYTRASHED anyting not NAILED DOWN! She LEAPED offa da balcón! she was a purrfessional! So mamí letted her out. (I shoulda taked lessons from dis gatita!) So she in, she out, she in, she out... para a few mes, until WHIRLYCANE Lenny! DAt @ssbackwards whirlycane turned da weaffur patterns around so we getting weaffur from NORTE America instead of Africa! it FRIOOOOOOO! y it lluvia, lluvia, lluvia... 3 semanas of dis, UNTIL uno Domingo mañana Mamí open da puerta y dat Spazzmo come RACIN up da steps! She come SKIDDIN in fru da puerta... y she only sneaky out once in awhile now. El Acabo!

Casper came from a loving breeder home like Ralphie's. He was taken care of, fed well, played with, "spoiled" and loved. He came home on a Saturday afternoon around 4pm and hit the floor running. He found all kind of toys that Boo Kitty never played with and was still running and playing at 9pm. He slept with mom the 1st couple of night's and the rest is history. Boo Kitty (a white Persian) was very ill and wouldn't play with him but mom played with him and kept him busy. They knew Boo Kitty's time before he went to Rainbow Bridge was short so they waited to get Casper a companion until Boo's time came (they didn't want to upset him any more than possible). . .then along came a scared little Orange kitten!
Boo Kitty

We probably shouldn't do this but . . . Boo Kitty looked very much like Casper does now. Mom had the privilege of having him in her life for 11 years. He was abused as a kitten (his beautiful tail was so badly broken you could feel the fragments). A lady got him from her grandmother (she raised Persians), but the lady had an abusive human husband. He thought the lady was paying to much attention to the cat so he picked him up by the tail and spun him and slammed him into the wall. The lady took the cat to mom and left the evil man forever (Boo was about 6 months old then). No human ever messed with Boo again and he was very loved. In May of 2000 the vet told mom that he was suffering Kidney failure. He stayed with us until Oct 2000 and finally mom had to let him go over to the Rainbow Bridge. That is around the time we 1st wandered into MeowMail Town and have been here since then. This place has helped mom cope with his loss a lot. Pumpkin and I have helped with the rest. She still cries, but she knows he was too ill to stay with us longer! Sorry for the sad story. But the love for Boo Kitty is still strong and very much there everyday mom breathes! "Sigh*


After Boo Kitty passed over to the Rainbow Bridge mom & dad went looking for a kitten for Casper! I came from a breeder home, but not a good one like Casper & Ralphie did. The humans mom got me from no longer had kittens but were now raising something called Scotty Dogs, so mom found a woman on the internet and arranged to come and see me. It was a long trip but they came on a Saturday and rescued me from these bad humans! I was so scared when I got home that I scared Casper (and I liked Casper). I simply didn't trust or much like humans. Mom and Dad will never know what they did to me but it still steams mom to this day. All I was to the 1st humans was a way to make money. Every day I come around more and more and mom says I have it in me to become a real love bug kitty! I still scare easy but I trust and love my humans more everyday. A bid thanks for coming and getting me that day last Oct. Mom and dad.


This story is about a pet that once belonged to daddy's mom.
Dad's mom (Anne) loved toucans. Every time she saw a photo, card, cup, statue, whatever with a toucan on it she wanted it. She loved those funny long beaked birds and thought that owning one would be the coolest thing in the world. One day dad was walking through a mall and in a pet store window he saw a baby toucan. The price was marked down to $1400 and the shop owners were anxious to get rid of the bird so dad knew they got the bird by illegal means. The poor thing was just a teeny baby (probably too young to be away from it's mother) and was being pecked at by the parrots so that it was almost completely bald. Dad took that bird and gave it to his mom for her birthday. For two years that bird had free run of the house, never made a mess on the floor, took all his baths with his mommy and even ate off her plate. He also loved the hairdryer and groomed his daddy's goatee. Sadly Anne died of cancer and dad couldn't keep Monty because he had a job that required him to travel all over the US on a bus. He left Monty in the care of a good friend who knew a lot about birds, but Monty lost the will to live without Anne around. He stopped eating and died about two or three months after Anne did.
I know it has a sad ending but for two years Monty was the happiest bird in the world.


This is how my sis Periwinkle got rescued and came to live with our mom.
When she was ten weeks old Peri's first human got engaged and his fiancé was allergic to cats, so he abandoned her - just left her on the street to fend for herself. Later he felt bad and called the animal shelter to see if they'd found her but they hadn't. Mom found her one night hiding in the bushes in front of our house, all starved and cold and took her in. She put an ad in the paper and the guy answered but let Mom keep her. Now she's happy and warm and FAT. hehehe. Tipsy


Mom was taking care of her feral colony in Naples, when was in the grocery getting food, when she noticed a very distraught older lady looking quite overwhelmed at all the cat foods. Mom laughed and said "Doesn't matter what you buy, they wont eat it anyway" She proceeded to tell mom that her and her husband were snowbirds and had a motor home in one of he parks in Naples, they had seen a cat just wandering around for three weeks they had left food out but she wouldn't come to them, then she left the door open to the screened lanai and she walked in.. The people were leaving in a few days. Mom said here's my phone number please call me if you don't find the owner. Well, as soon as mom got home she called the lady and said "well, if it's been three weeks they should have found her by now. The lady said she was probably left behind when the humans went back up north. Mom said I'm on my way. When she got there, Tillie eyeballed mom as she put the cat carrier down and opened its door. She got up stretched, yawned walked into it, lay down, and looked at mom as if to say "What took you so long?"

Lacey, Whoda #2 joins the family

The person next to us in Naples HATED the ferals. He was always yelling at them and throwing things to scare them. Mom was always at battle with him.

Anyway, he called animal control, after he secretly set a humane cage and trapped one of the ferals, well mom sees this truck pull up and says hey, gimme back my cat. Sorry lady, he's going to A. Control. Next day, mom goes to bail him out. To be on the safe side, she bought licenses for the four ferals, too. She couldn't resist taking a peek as they were getting our feral brother

She walked down the line of cages talking to each cat, there in the last cage by the wall was a black ball of fur, in its litter box, eyes crusted shut, nose about crusted shut, and mom could hear the raspy breathing. She put her hand to the cage bars, and the black furball got up and put her front paw against mom's hand. MAGIC! She says, I want that cat. Oh no, you don't want THAT cat. It is very, very sick, we are gonna "pts" in the AM.

Oh no you don't, here's the money for her, I'll be here tomorrow to pick her up. Home with the feral. Back the next AM, straight to the vet, two weeks of three different meds, and TADA!! Here's Lacey!! She is still a timid, loner cat, doesn't play with the others, spooks easily.

She's a black Persian, she had been declawed, as had Tillie, mom understands change of mind, but will never, ever see how someone can have a change of heart about us.

Isabella (or "Two Cats Is Just Right")

But Tillie was still lonely, with mom gone all day and Lacey being a loner. Mom had a friend that modeled, she came back to Naples (hometown) to settle. Her mom was a wonderful breeder of Persians, and Turkish Angoras. She gave her daughter Sara (mom's friend) a pure white baby when she came back home. Sara was doing some local modeling, out in the hot Florida sun all day.

There was a break from the shooting, she said.

"Wow, I feel really strange." Within 10 minutes, she was dead. Massive heart attack, age:31. Undetected heart defect. Sara's mom's world stopped that day. Some time later, about a month later, she called mom and asked her to please come visit. Mom went and spent the day and the night with her. She asked mom if she would like to have Isabella as a reminder of Sara and her love for all creatures.

Mom didn't hesitate. Isabella rode home with her in the passenger seat, no cage just lay there very peacefully, she knew, she knew.

The Tale of Taz

Friends of a friend of mom decided they didn't want a Maine Coon after all. They would much prefer a Bengal. They got two Bengals, they didn't like Taz, so Taz had to go. The friend asked my mom if she would want me. Mom said yes, then they changed their mind. A week later, they changed it back, and Taz was delivered to her. Tillie was in heaven, Bella hated her on sight, Lacey, just watched from a distance. Things are changed somewhat now. Taz is bigger than Bella and they are quite a tag team. Tillie and Taz play rough and also lay down and groom each other. Lacey plays by herself, and taps mom with that same paw that touched her heart that day.

Chita McChew

Since Snook got to say how he rescued his mom, I am going to tell you the story of how I rescued my mom. Pay attention, cats, because there will be a quiz later on.

Long ago, and far away, there was a kitten named Robin. She lived at the Massachusetts SPCA, and she adopted my mom. Unfortunately, she had feline leukemia, and she went to the Rainbow Bridge when she was 8 months old.

Mommy needed a cat to take care of her, so she called the human angel who runs the local no-kill shelter (mommy had lost all respect for the MA SPCA, based on her sad experience with Robin). It turns out the human angel was my Auntie Roberta, and Auntie R. wanted me to adopt mommy.

See, I was a feral cat (the local no-kill shelter only takes in feral cats), and I had already adopted a human. But the human didn't like me, and she had the opportunity to get adopted by a Persian cat. So she brought me back to the no-kill shelter, which she'd apparently confused with the local Wal-Cat or something.

And Auntie Roberta wanted me to leave the shelter again. The problem was, I didn't want to. I liked it at the shelter, and I didn't want to be rejected again. Plus, the human my auntie wanted me to adopt SMELLED. When the human showed up, I hated her. I hugged my blankie and wouldn't let go. I stuck my nose right up in the air and hissed until the badbadbad human went away.

Once the human's home was safe again (a human can't get adopted by a cat for a few weeks after there's been feline leukemia around, the human was told), Auntie Roberta betrayed me. She let the human have me. I kicked and I screamed and I meowed and I cried, but Auntie Roberta told me I had to go home with the badbadbadbad human. She said the human was extremely pitiful and needed to be taken care of, and I had no choice in the matter.

As I write this, I sit in the prison that I have called home for about four years. If any cat can come rescue me, please do. I've warmed up to the human only slightly, and most days, I wish I were back in the shelter. Alas. When a human needs you, she needs you, even if she is a badbadbadbad human. And even if she smells.

Nala La

For those of you who know the story, oh, well. You will listen to it again, if you truly value my friendship.

Once upon a time, there was an evil troll. Don't ask me why, but I lived with her and her trollettes and whichever troll "SO" she was living with at the time. For those of you who don't know, SO means "significant other."

Okay. So one summer day, a beautiful princess -- who doesn't smell at all, by the way -- heard me meowing piteously. She asked me whether or not I was hungry, and naturally, I told her I was starving. This happened day after day, week after week. And then...the end of August approached.

The beautiful princess worried about what would happen to me when the weather turned cold. She asked several human neighbors if they'd ever met me. None of them did. *scary music, please*

One day, the beautiful princess chanced to ask the evil troll if she'd ever met me. The evil troll emitted a loud, high-pitched cackle. *sound effects, please*

"Yes. I brought that cat home from the vet's for my daughter. But the cat cried to go out, so I let her. Then she didn't come back in, so I said, oh, well. See, we don't like that cat. We didn't bond with her at all. We actually were glad and relieved when she decided to go away."

My mommy said she had good news for the evil troll. The cat hadn't gone far. The evil troll could take back her cat and make her daughter happy. *more scary music*

Long story short: the evil troll didn't want me and the beautiful princess -- whose name turned out to be "mommy" -- did want me. And here I am.

The end.

PINK summer solstice poem 

I love PINK,
yes, I do.
This is the longest day of the year,
lots of sunshine there and here.
Summer has come,
the weather is warm and humans get a tan,
Uh, oh, a familiar noise....
Is that the opening of a cat food can?

Outta here.....poetry can wait....

By Ralphie


THE WAY WE WERE (From The Columbia Picture, Rastar Production, "The Way We Were")

Memories, like the empty kitty dish
Misty watercolor memories
Of the food that wasssssss.
Scattered kibbles of the food we left behind
food we ate with one another
For the the dish was fuuuuuullll

Can it be that it was all so simple then
that food was always in our bowlllllls
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would be, could we
eat more