Whisker Alley Cafe and Pub

Cuisine: Cajun
Litterbox cleanliness: good
Reservations: recommended
Toilet water license: yes
No-catnip section: yes
Price: $$$

Located in the quaint, historic district of New Orleans, Whisker Alley Cafe and Pub offers authentic Cajun cuisine and the fun of catching your own fare. A dumpster conveniently located by the front door attracts a wide variety of mice, rats, squirrels, possums and more. Just hand your fresh catch to a roaming chef, and order your choice of seasonings. No two meals are alike. The night we were there, we scarfed up the Sewer Rat Creole with a side of blackened couch stuffing and the Muskrat Jambalaya with fresh soil patties. Bring the kittens - they'll especially appreciate the opportunity to hone their pouncing skills. Sharpen your own claws before you arrive; your dinner will be served that much sooner, and it's also not a bad way to impress a date. Sure, there are no menus, but the magic of the evening will certainly make up for the lack of predictability.

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