Shredded Tweet

Cuisine: American
Litterbox cleanliness: good
Reservations: recommended
Toilet water license: yes
No-catnip section: yes
Price: $$$

This place is for the birds! And for cats who love birds at dinnertime. Located at the top of Mt. Tam with a breathtaking view of San Francisco, Shredded Tweet is an architectural feat - a fifty-foot tall aviary with tables secured to tree branches. When you walk in, you're given a bird whistle and a book of bird mating calls. You can also request a net, in case you're dressed for theater and don't want to dirty your fur while capturing dins. (Speaking of nets, don't worry about falling; a safety net stretched three feet above the floor ensures that even dinner goers who have a little too much catnip will be safe.)  Once you snag your dinner, you simply place it in a burlap sack equipped with a parachute, check off the style in which you'd like it prepared on the attached checklist, then drop the sack to the ground. In less than 30 minutes, waiters and waitresses trained to climb trees while balancing server trays on their heads will deliver your dinner.

We started off with an appetizer of mozzarella-topped baked sparrow eggs and a greens salad with balsamic catnip vinaigrette. Both were delightful. A side of imported Guatemalan crab grass sprinkled with gutter water was intriguing as well.  We were, however, a bit disappointed with the Sparrow Fondue for Two - though freshly caught, it had a slightly rubbery texture, similar to canned food. And that's certainly NOT what we expect to pay for when we go out for a night on the town.  Nonetheless, the ambiance at Shredded Tweet is excellent, and the eatery is great fun. Just don't expect a five-claw meal. After all, this place IS for the birds.

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