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Extra! Extra! Meow All About It!

Now your cat can read the only newspaper written by felines exclusively for felines. "The Morning Hairball" features some of the most distinguished four-pawed journalists on the planet, many of them Mewlitzer Prize Winners. The masterful works these cats can type with only 18 claws will astonish, enlighten, and uplift you. Each edition of The Hairball offers a blend of news, op-ed, and scratch-in advertising. Click here to see past issues.

Breaking News Stories
"The Morning Hairball" keeps your cat informed about what's happening around town and around the world ... about felines who selflessly perform heroic acts of bravery and save their humans from self-inflicted disasters ... about felines on the cutting edge of science, medicine, technology, and business ... about felines who contribute significantly to our vast stores of knowledge about the economy, geopolitics, and matters of cosmic significance. If it's worth knowing or thinking about, your cat will find it in "The Morning Hairball - All the News That's Fit to Spit!"

Got a hot news item? Send it to us immediately!

Advice and Opinion
Our intrepid columnists never shy away from the tough questions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Ms. Hissy exposes the indignities that cats suffer every day when the world fails to pay them proper homage. Felinadonna offers beauty secrets and etiquette tips that can catapult even dog-ugly cats into the highest echelons of society. Reboot the unabashed geek covers the computer beat and tells you what's hot and what's not. Sir Smashalot reports on his relentless campaign to fold, spindle, and mutilate anything that humans make or buy. Socratail's philosophical inquiries into the feline condition will recharge even the most snoozed-out feline brain cells. And Fat Cat the tycoon offers a wealth of business advice, from making smart investments to squeezing more profits from a global enterprise. And Klericat keeps things tidy

Would your cat like to write a guest column? Send it on (as an email message at, and we'll consider running it in a future edition of "The Morning Hairball."

Digital Fleamarket
How do barrister cats find new clients in today' s fiercely competitive legal environment? How do you sell cats on a revolutionary new product that can sweeten the breath of humans while they sleep? How can feline business executives fill Inquisitive Technology (IT) positions when so many wet-behind-the-ears cats are jumping litterboxes? Easy. With classified ads in the "The Morning Hairball's" Digital Fleamarket. If your cat can't find it in The Hairball, your cat doesn't need it!

Does your cat have a product or service to sell? Send us a classified ad at (Note: this service is for felines only; we cannot accept listings from any other species)

So don't let your cat get scooped by the furball next door. Join the MeowMail colony today. We'll deliver "The Morning Hairball" right to your current email account or to your cat's very own MeowMail inbox!!! It's totally free.

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