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Fun and Games for Humans

(Flash 4.0 plug-in required — available free at

Sir Smashalot's
Smashing Challenge

Here's a Special Edition MeowMail game to help you sharpen your reflexes! Click here to play the game.

Try to cick on the mice as they pop up. If you succeed, their eyes turn to "Xs," and they squeak. You'll encounter three levels of play, each requiring you to conquer a certain number of mice in order for you to win.

Level One: 60 mice
Level Two: 80 mice
Level Three: 100 mice

Each time you win a level of play, you have your choice of:

1. Going to a page to download an image for your efforts — a special MeowMail poster graphic you can use as wallpaper for your computer's desktop.


2. Risking it all by trying to beat the next level. Click on the Flashing green START button to proceed to the next level of play. If you win, you can download a highly-coveted MeowMail wallpaper poster.

Three different levels — Three different prizes!

Have fun!

Click This

Any self-respecting gamer knows the pain of "Nintendo Thumbs" that comes after hours of blasting aliens ships to smithereens. Before you start your next game, stretch those fingers and sharpen those reflexes. See how many times you can click the red button in one minute. Click enough times (we won't tell you until you get there), and you'll be able to download a special Reboot Desktop Wallpaper image.

Click here to play the game.

Watch out for those dreaded carpel tunnels!