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Welcome to,
the first online feline colony!

Dear Fellow Felines,

Finally, a place of our own where we can let down our fur and share important ideas, feelings, observations, and witticisms ... a place where we can stretch and play ... a place where we can get away from the rat race ... and a place where we can kick back and relax after a tough day of snoozing and eating. is where we can do all that and more without our humans suspecting that we lead exciting, secret lives — that make their lives look even more boring than usual — when they're not looking.

At, you'll find digital toys customized for our playing pleasure, ecards for those very special occasions, and a bulletin board where we can exchange news, ideas, and gossip without being overheard by THEM.

Best of all, we have our own email accounts at We can use them however we want, whenever we want. However, our membership in the colony guarantees us a free subscription to "The Morning Hairball™" (which, if we do say so ourselves, is the cat's meow). Sign up to get your own copy of The Hairball today. If you can't type, just ask your humans to do it for you. At least they're good for one thing besides food.

Remember: Membership in this community is a mark of distinction, because we don't accept any mammals besides cats. With that said, if you are a feline, we think you'll feel right at home here.

Furfully yours,

The Entire MeowMail Executive Team

Join the Colony today!.