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Meet the Team is the first online feline colony. It is also the first 100-percent feline owned and operated corporation in North America n the C2C space. Its senior executive team includes:

Steve Bennett, Chief Executive Feline. Co-creator of the colony, Steve helps other felines turn their mewsings into strategic messages that position their companies as picks of the litter. In his day, he chewed his share of catnip, but never swallowed any. He alternately feels loved and bested by his pedigree Abyssinian friend, Graymar Charlotte, daughter of Crescent Bouhaki of Graymar and Graymar's Red Hot Mama.

Stacey Miller, Director of Critter Communications. Co-creator of the colony, Stacey has successfully pitched some of the most distinguished feline authors to the media and catapulted some of their works to the top of the scratching post. Once, during every moon cycle, you can see her sitting on the windowsill and howling to reporters who are passing by. Stacey is part of an especially striking litter that includes the formerly feral, and always fantastic, Chita McChew and Nala La.

Howie Green, Director of Pixels and Paws. Howie showed his artistic capabilities while just a kitten by creating a perfect replica of Whistler's Mother in his litter box. Then he discovered that computer graphic design really wagged his tail. Howie and his gang (Luke Kraft, Dave Belson and Simon Kopacz) earned their way into the MeowMail colony by creating portraits of "The Morning Hairball" columnists, then went on to create the entire MeowMail site. To Howie's discredit, however, he has yet to render a reasonably good likeness of his lifelong feline friend — 15 pounds of ill-tempered fur, fangs and claws named Max.

Timothy Shea, Senior VP of Legal Litter. Timothy serves as counsel to the colony. Though he believes in using the velvet paw whenever possible, he's willing to claw his way through anything in the name of justice and fair cat play. In his spare time, Timothy helps oversee the friskier feline residents of Zoo New England.

John Crane, Chief of Digital Magic. John makes all the technology happen behind the scenes. With his trusty, but useless feline sidekick, Smitty, he blazes new trails in our digital domain...leaving no hairball unturned.

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